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Welcome to Hebrew Reid

A first of its kind innovation for the frum community: Learn one language and teach the other chavruta match.
Modern technology makes it so easy to find and access just the right partner match mutually beneficial to both sides. Perfect for those who’ve made aliya and want to boost their Hebrew vocabulary for their job, or just in general. Also, for those living in the U.S. who want to improve Hebrew skills, this is an easy, fun, inexpensive and effective way to do it. This innovative method allows those wishing to improve their Hebrew or English, to be matched up with someone who wants to improve their own skills in the opposite language.

Thus, a native Israeli who himself would love to learn English can help you make serious progress with a one-on-one learning program, tailored to the specific learning objectives and speed that you set. In return, your chavruta will benefit from your assistance by speaking to him in English! All this is at no cost, except for the initial chavruta-matching charge.

You’ll receive guidance and tips as to how to set up this dual learning/teaching process.

We believe that the best way to learn a language is by simply talking to each other about things going on in our life, conversation style. That’s the way we learned to speak when we were growing up, by speaking to our parents and friends…

That’s why a good “shidduch” between a Hebrew speaker and an English speaker, just talking to each other (or even writing to each other), can be a great platform for language absorption, without the need of doing any hard work! When you’re each learning, and each helping each other, the feeling of embarrassment from making a mistake- vanishes, as well as that feeling of “I’m causing him to go out of his way to help me”. Since you’re helping him, too!

How it Works

Our program is perfect for:


Those who made Aliya and want to easily engage in their job environment


Those who are planning to make Aliya and want to feel more comfortable in the Israeli community


Those who want to strengthen their connection to family in Israel


Those who want to strengthen their Hebrew learning skills

Sounds Great! Just What I Need!

How the program works

4 simple steps and you are in >>>



Fill out the online form to help our system find a match best suited to you, based on age, religious parameters (religious, modern orthodox, chassidish etc.) language knowledge level, gender, etc.



The system automatically locates a chavruta with the most similar entries to that of yours.



In order to check that the identity of those who register for the program is indeed real and without incorrect details and that a match can be made without fear - we conduct a personal phone call on our part to the registrants.



After a chavruta has been selected successfully, you'll be sent a payment page to complete the transaction.

How Does the Payment Process Work?

The cost is 3 payments of 180 ILS. As a bonus, you'll receive 2 more coupon codes for chavrusa No. 2 and chavrusa No. 3 (a total of 540 NIS for 3 chavrusas). You'll be able to change the type of chavrusa if you'd like.

We have a warranty!

If after the experience with the three chavrusas you do not feel that you've progressed in Hebrew - your money will be returned to you!



Bonus #1

Coupon code to redeem a second time

Bonus #2

Coupon code for third time redemption



After completing the payment, the chavruta's information will be sent to you.


Your joint success is important to us:)

Every so often, you'll receive a progress report to fill out, to check if the goals you've set for yourselves at the program's beginning are being reached.


To achieve effective results, make sure to follow these three rules throughout your learning process:

Keep at it- hold your learning sessions on a consistent basis.

Feel responsibility to do your best to teach your partner

Be serious about your learning- learn with self-discipline

Sounds Great! Just What I Need!

Why was Hebrew Reid Established?

We've been witness to many new olim as they integrate themselves in the Israeli community and workplace. The language challenge is an obstacle they look for various ways to overcome. On the other hand, Israelis need to have a decent level of English in order to find a good job. Thus, the Charedi community's lack of English knowledge serves as a real obstacle. Many spend much time and money learning the language, and the results are not always that great…
That's what gave us the idea of meeting up the two sides, guiding them through this mutually beneficial process of learning and improving their respective languages, and helping them reach real personal achievement.

Caution for your benefit:

An integral part of our system is the ability to report suspicion at all times (regarding false identity of certain partners or inappropriate behavior on their part).
In order to ensure our users' security and confidence that their information is only passed on to their chavruta after the latter has been thoroughly checked out, and in order to ensure that the chavruta's identity is clean, accurate and has no false information, we inspect each registree by speaking to him personally via telephone. Additionally, you can feel confident that your information is kept securely in our database and is not passed on to anyone not registered in the program.

Have More Questions?

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The responsibility of monitoring the learning pace best for you, and keeping to the goals you set for yourself, is up to you. However, you’ll receive a questionnaire every few weeks, reminding you how to properly check whether your joint progress is satisfactory to both sides.

That’s a good question. We can only answer it if we know what kind of motivation, time and money resources are available to you. What we can tell you is that learning with a partner as part of an enjoyable sharing of experiences, conversation style, rather than learning in a strict framework, brings about quicker results with less input of time and effort

It may turn out that you feel your first partner isn’t ‘on your wavelength’. That’s why we offer 2 more chances, at an extremely low price, to switch chavrusas. We want to make sure you’ll be able to find the partner you’re looking for.

Filling out the questionnaire does not obligate any party, nor do we collect the payment for the mediation, but only after you have indeed found the suitable chavruta for the characteristics you mentioned. After the payment of 97 ILS multiplied by 3 times, you will be able to receive the Chavruta details and start the program.

No. Payment for each coupon is performed separately, after you decide that you would like to switch to a different chavrusa.

We work with an authorized clearing corporation, with data security of the highest standard. Thus, users’ identification and payment details are protected under the most stringent of security standards

Have a language to trade?

Your Israeli chavrusa is waiting for you!

Hebrew Reid is a chavruta-matching website for learning Hebrew and English, for the frum American and Israeli community. Offering chavrusas for women as well as for men, this learn-one-language-while-teaching-the-other program will assist you in finding a language learning partner for easy and enjoyable learning, until your language goal is reached. Our program is only available to those who have undergone a rigid identity check by our chavrusa matching system.

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